Gareth is getting Healthy
Reset - Recalibrate - Restart

I have been pretty slack. Not only in updating this blog, but in having something to update in this blog. My running has been erratic and my eating habits have been even more erratic. I have felt myself slowly slip into unpleasant ways again. I have noticed this on the scale also - slowly my weight has been creeping up again. Thankfully I have noticed it and I think I have caught it before it gets out of control.

I have been abroad and to this end, it makes routine eating and exercising quite difficult. I must admit that the people I meet up with on these visits are quite fit themselves and there is normally some sort of organised fitness activity involved. So I did run when I was in Sweden - twice. In the cold. That being said, the whole conference was supplemented by plenty of food. Which pretty much cancelled out any running benefits I got.

Now I have been ill. I spent the last weekend in bed. My throat and chest suffered the most. Most of that is gone at the moment but my nose is still suffering and my chest is still not 100%. I can honestly not see myself running this week. I dont want to stress my heart.

The intention is there though.

And I can do something about the eating can’t I? At least this much I can do so long.

I will also try and check in more often.

It is 4am at the moment. I dont want to disturb the family by going into the room and weighing myself, but as soon as I get a chance - that’s what I will do. Benchmark.

I will post my new ‘starting weight’ on here.

See you soon.


My daughter plays the piano. Quite well. She did a number of grades when we lived in the UK and we had a terrible old 2nd hand piano which we bought from some opera singers who were struggling to play it in their golden age.

It served its purpose but when we decided to return to South Africa - the piano stayed behind. It was donated to the cause of a young girl starting out on learning. 

So for a year we have been back and we have not had a piano. My daughter has been frustrated and her skills have stagnated. She wants to play but cannot play in this regard. We had no piano.

We found a piano for her a few weeks ago. We had been looking for quite some time and I had been looking particularly for a digital piano (easier to transport and easier to play silently) but for some or other reason my daughter believes that a real piano is better. While that may be true, a real piano of quality is better than a digital piano - but that is neither here nor there at the moment and was not taken into account when we bought this piano.

She had been over to see it and I struggled to get her away from it. She sat at it for almost two hours while the person whose house it was wanted to get on with her life. When I finally prised my daughter’s hands away from the piano she gave me the puppy dog eyes and said, “please daddy. PLEASE!” (as she does.)

I considered it.

I went back and forth on the price with the seller. IT was an unknown piano. In the UK they sold for very cheap. There were lots of reasons why I should pay much less than she was asking. Then I thought about my daughter and how much she enjoyed it.

I bit the bullet and bought the piano. I managed to to at the least get the seller to throw in delivery as part of the deal. I asked her to deliver it when my daughter was at school. This way it would be a HUGE SURPRISE if she walked in after school and saw it there. 

I was in Korea - so I did not see the reaction - but by all accounts it was explosive!

I am so glad we have a piano in the house again. I have been playing it too. Every day since returning two days ago. It’s beautiful.

Sailing and then some

This weekend I finished up my 6/3 week crash course in dinghy sailing. It was great fun and we finished up by capsizing a Laser. The water was colder than I thought it would be. I guess its because the air was hotter than it had any business being. The day was a lumpy and uncomfortable 34-38 degrees pretty much all day on Sunday. We had a little wind but not a hell of a lot. It was good fun though and I am glad that we did it. I must say I struggled a little to get the dinghy upright, but I managed in the end. 

The next step is to join the club. Then I could go sailing all the time, or at least once a weekend while the season is still on.

I went for a morning run this morning. Besides the race I did in August - all my running has been in the evenings. THis was much nicer running in the morning. THe only issue is the timing. I may not have enough time to do long runs in the mornings, so I stick to short little runs. I will check how it goes.

This week’s weigh in is quite promising - 97.5kgs. Very happy with that!

Running again

Just have to get it out there - I am back on the road again. Have had some international visitors this week so I have NOT been eating correctly this week - especially at lunch times. Today I will try hard to forego the yummy greasy snacks and settle on something healthy.

A nice 3.12km yesterday. Had some ‘slight stomach issues’ on the run - but it all worked out OK (despite me having to break for a short walk to let things settle down a bit.)

Pushups again tonight (the last session - Week 2 Day 2 was SO HARD).

Mini-Goal Weight Achieved!

So a while ago I set myself a goal of being under 100kgs. Then I set myself a goal of having lost 20kgs. 

Yesterday - and this morning (officially) I weighed myself in at 98.8kgs! Considering I started this journey at 119kgs, thats more than 20kgs lost! That, my dear American friends, is like 44 pounds. :) So happy with that. I guess I am going to make my next goal as 50 pounds lost.

So my next mini goal would be 96kgs (i.e. 50 pounds lost.)

Let’s do this thing.

On another note - the sailing was GREAT FUN yesterday. I could do this every day. 

This week is going to be hectic but lets see what it brings.

How good does this look? Supper two nights ago….

How good does this look? Supper two nights ago….

No Running - but pushups happening

It has been so very hot here in Cape Town the past week that I have not done any running. The last time I ran was a week ago! I have to start running again - and now that it has been raining and looking a little cloudy, then I might just be running this evening. I hope so.

While I have not been running I have at least been keeping up with the 100pushups program. I started week 2 last night. For some or other reason week two Day 1 felt a lot easier than Week 1 Day 3 did. I am quite happy with it at the moment though. I must just start running again - hopefully tonight.

On other news - I know it is not a weigh in day, but I weighed in this morning at 99.5kgs. This is the lowest number I have seen in a while! I am quite happy with that and I hope it holds out until official weigh in on Monday.

I have the weekend to get through first. I know there will be day 3 and 4 of my six day sailing course. The weather at the moment does not look as though it is going to be especially good for sailing. Apparently there are gale forces expected tomorrow and then there might be some lighter wind on Sunday (good for sailing.)

Will have to see what tomorrow brings and whether we go out in the boat or not. :) I just need to be a little more vigilant about eating this weekend.


On Saturday and Sunday I went sailing. I have splashed out on this 3 week two day a weekend ‘Get Sailing’ introduction. There are four other guys on the course with me, and then the instructor. So it is a very nice group and quite enjoyable. 

Since the weather was wonderful on both days thus far, we went straight into the sailing without wasting valuable sun and wind on the classroom! Since there is a likelihood that we will not be blessed with this weather for three weeks in a row, the instructor wisely suggested that we make the best of what we had and carpe diem!

We sailed a Saldanha Dinghy. This is a larger dinghy which can carry all of us and is the same type used by the sea scouts. 

I nearly dumped everyone into the water while gybing - and I dumped myself in the water while boarding the vessel! I was the first person to be fully wet. Luckily we did not capsize once - but there are still two more weeks left and anything is possible.

I am enjoying this immensely! More detail to follow.

Sports Tracker vs Endomondo

I have been using sports tracker for a number of months now and been very happy with it to track my runs on my phone. I even went to their site and bought the Heart Rate Monitor from Polar through the sports-tracker site. The only thing with using a program like this on your phone is that you cannot read the phone easily while you are running since one has to press a button or take it out the holster or something. I mean, it is not easily attached to your wrist like a watch. 

What this means is that I start tracking, put the phone in the holster/pouch - and start running. The next time I take it out to look at it is when I finish the run and stop tracking. Up until now, I have been content with the fact that there is a beep on distance intervals. On sports tracker you can set up the beep for every 500m or every km (if using the metric system.) I liked this because if you wanted to run odd distances, like 5km, it could beep at 2.5km and you would know to turn around. The only problem is that you have to remember how many beeps you have counted.

While listening to Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy they were talking about Endomondo. I went the site and saw that it was very similar to sports-tracker, with ONE MAJOR benefit - it had VOICE FEEDBACK. I thought I would download it and give it a try.

wow. It only tracks in whole kilometres, but at each km it gives you an update of distance run, total time and lap time. It shuts out the music when it does so. Very nice. This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting! Why did sports-tracker not do that?

I checked on the sports-tracker forums and found out that they DO have voice feedback - just NOT FOR SYMBIAN. Apparently it is in development and Beta release for iPhone and Android - but not Nokia Symbian phones.  

This is pushing me away from continuing to use a product that I have liked and been using for MONTHS with a WHOLE HISTORY of tracked runs - onto another product, all because there is no voice feedback!  Come on Sports-Tracker, you are losing customers here!


With apologies to One-Twenty-Five (for the title) but I have just signed up for a three week crash course in SAILING! That’s right folks - I am going dinghy sailing on weekends for the next three weeks and see how it goes! :)

It is either going to be SUCH FUN or its not going to be for me.

Only time will tell.

In other news, I restarted the 100pushups program again last night. I even (gulp) made a little video, which (me being in my underwear) will not go onto the interweb.

My arms feel fine this morning (which is more than I can say for last time I did this program) so maybe I am getting stronger.

Tonight I RUN - and tomorrow I SAIL!